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How To Remain At Low Bid Cost For Adwords
Anyone who has been hit by "Google Slap" before knows how painful

Google Slap is a new standard imposed by Google to rank websites.
Advertisers whose websites don't meet that standard can find their
cost per click surge unexpectedly by several dollars.

Which is a shame because, especially for those who use Google Adwords,
a squeeze page combined with Google Adwords is the best strategy to
capture leads before sending them to a salesletter.

But there are ways you can overcome Google Slap and build a profitable
list using Google Adwords. You just have to understand the requirements
to meet that standard.

First off, what your ad says must be reflected on your landing page
as well. If your ad says you offer something for free then that is
what must be offered in your landing page. Don't offer something for
free on your ad when your landing page is asking them to buy something.

Or your ad talks about getting tips for growing peppers and your
landing page says tips for growing melons.

That is a one-way ticket to getting banned.

Also, don't let your landing page be a single page website. If you can,
put a link on it that leads to your other webpages.

There is a reason we want to do this. Google loves websites,
not webpages. They like the kind of sites that are professionally
laid out with links that leads to other pages. So if your landing page
is just that, a single webpage, you can include a link to your blog or
other webpages, but make sure that they are relevant to each other.

And if possible, include graphics on your landing page as well.
A professionally designed header or eCover will help to meet
Google's standards.

That should help to ensure that your squeeze page gets ranked high,
maximize your Adwords advertising and get your more targeted traffic.

Now, if you really want to take Google Adwords to the next level,
Google has another service called Site Targeting.

This new advertising model will syndicate your ads to other websites in
its content network. By having your ads there, you can easily double your
traffic volume.

The sites where your ads will appear in have highly relevant keyword content,
thus whatever traffic that you generate will be highly targeted.

The best part is, you can drastically reduce your cost for advertising
because with site targeting, you only pay for every 1,000 impression.
This means that you only pay after your ad has been shown 1,000 times.
There is definitely a saving compared to conventional pay per click advertising.

Also, while conventional pay per click ads only allows a limited space
when it comes to the amount of things that you can write in it, site targeting
advertising also allows banner ads with flash animation and graphics, which are
definitely more attention grabbing.

Patric Chan
29 November 2008

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