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Affiliate Prophet
Predict Your Profit and Profit Instantly

Affiliate Prophet

Price: USD97 (Ref:

The best software that I just found in New Year 2009.
How you track your effort on Internet Marketing? I'm sure that you have to use a convertion software to help you determine which campaign works and which is not.
I found this software to help you to track and increase your profit.
This Affiliate Prophet is the software that I mean. It was design specially for you affiliate marketer. No matter how you promote your affiliate product, you still need to track the leads, sales, convertion rate, ROI, etc. You can do this manually by your own and trust me you will go black out when it's finish.
I don't like to track everything. You have to track the keyword, source, what you do create more profit, etc. But in the same time, you need to track because in the future, it will make you less work than ever.
When you finish the tracking and found the profitable one, optimize it and leave it. It will become your multiple stream of Income. More Income.
How's that?

This guy is the man. He create this powerful software to help you as marketer.
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